Everpeace Shipping & Trade Ltd. mainly dedicating to export & import trade about iron ore, coal, tapioca chips, etc, and shipping and chartering services , and owned vsl include m.v warrior I (dwt34000.00), M.V Dingxin 16(dwt8300.00), M.V Dingxin 6(dwt5000.00) .

Most staffs of Everpeace Shipping & Trade Ltd. are graduate from the professional colleage and/ or many years experience on professional area, so we are professional and experienced at shipping & chartering & trade business operation.

In the past years, based our professional operation in shippingartering fields and good services, we established good business relations with China National Geological & Mining Corporation and other many traders. The cargoes under our operation are over 5,000,000mt yearly, mainly based on general dry cargoes, such as steel products, iron ores, nickel ore, bauxite, bulk coal and tapioca chips etc. And our chartering vessel deadweight from 5000mt to more thand 10,0000.00mt In the past years, Everpeace Shipping & Trade Co., Ltd. also established very good business relations with some shippers from indonesia,such as Pt.Pan Indo Resources, Pt Kartika Selabumi Mining, Pt Bukit Baiduri Energi, etc. we also have long-term good cooperation with steel factories in North China on steel products export China and iron ores import to China, We made the COA business on chrome ore from Indonesia and malaysia to Shandong main ports, China successfully, which satisfied our client perfectly.

We plan to fix the import trade that tatal 300,000.00mt coal with Pt.Pan Indo Resources this year .